2015 CEO Club


    Happy New Year!

    As I was looking around my sewing room at the end of last year, I wondered "How does this happen?"  Projects everywhere,  bits of fabric here, a pattern or book there - you get the picture. I often wonder if the fabric multiplies while I'm sleeping and sometimes I feel like it is completely out of control. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

    This year, rather than making a resolution to get more organized - been there done that;  then I have an organized sewing room still filled with projects that need execution - I thought you might want to join me in becoming the CEO of your sewing room! Now,  this isn't like a typical CEO, but we are going to show the sewing room who is the boss! In this case, CEO is for "Completely Executed Objects!" You see, I like to focus on the positive - none of my existing projects are unfinished - they are just in various stages of execution. I am hoping you will join me in completing some of your projects by joining our newly created CEO Club. This is completely FREE and open to our entire community of enthusiastic sewists worldwide.

    This is how it works:

    1. Make a numbered list of 6 projects you want to complete in the next six months (January -June).  This can be a quilt that just needs a binding, or something that you’ve only cut out, or anything in between – just a quilting project that is started but not finished.  Be sure to put the list in the order that you plan to work on your projects; 1=January, 2=February, and so on. Email us a copy of the list (send it to wishuponaquilt@bellsouth.net)  or bring a written copy to the store (be sure to include your email address).  Keep a copy of your list for yourself, too!  Just one list per person, please. Share pictures if you would like on our Facebook page. 

    2. Finish that month’s project before the end of the month and bring it in to the shop for show and tell.  We’ll be taking pictures and posting your finished projects in an album on our Facebook page.  You’ll be entered to win a $25 Wish Upon A Quilt gift card for each month that you bring in and show us your finished project. (Out of town customers – email us a picture of your finished project and we will post it for you in our Facebook album.)

    3. At the end of the six months, everyone who has finished all six of their projects will be entered in a drawing for a $50 Wish Upon A Quilt gift card and receive an exclusive Wish CEO Club pin!

    4.  We’ll be having a CEO Party on Saturday, July 11, at 1PM.  We hope everyone who participates can join us for a big show and tell party!  We'll have food, fun and more prizes!

    5. Be sure to submit your list by January 8th, 2015 to play!

    8 thoughts on “2015 CEO Club ”

    • Karen Wiseman

      Love this idea. It goes right along with what I was hoping to do. Count me in. I know that I have 6 projects that need some attention for sure!

    • Jennifer Vineyard
      Jennifer Vineyard January 1, 2015 at 11:19 pm

      This is an awesome idea. Sometimes I just need this accountability to push me to finish my UFOs! Thanks for the push!

    • Karen

      I think this is a great idea!! This club will help me finish 6 projects so I can start 6 new ones!! I am making my list right now.

      • Mary Lou

        Sometimes a deadline is just what I need. I wish I only had 6 UFOs. Short attention span I guess I usually just say I can't keep up with the creative ideas. Ha Ha

    • DJ

      Great idea! Unfortunately, I read about it one day too late!

    • Dot Clark

      I am in the process of packing and moving and am currently unable to participate in the CEO Club, but absolutely LOVE the idea! As soon as I can get unpacked and set up, I will definitely start being more positive about my projects and start being in charge! :) Thank you for inspiring me.

    • Crystal

      RATS! I have two unfinished cross stitch projects and a crochet project plus one sewing project. None of those qualify....

    • Charlene Lammers
      Charlene Lammers January 13, 2015 at 2:54 am

      Love to do this just got the e-mail when I got home from out of town. If still possible please let me know.
      Thank You Charlene

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