Best of the Triangle Celebration - (a.k.a.) Quilter Appreciation Day

    best of triangle.001When the people from IndyWeek called and said that Wish Upon A Quilt was the winner of the "Best of the Triangle 2015" award for fabric shops this year, it made my day! As many of you know, I have always wanted Wish to be a place of respite from the outside stresses of life, a place where you come to visit friends, leave your cares for awhile,  and of course, pet pretty fabric!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dream become a reality!

    Most of you also know that I like to have fun so my brain immediately starting spinning about what an appropriate "Thank You" party would look like. I wanted to honor each and every one of  you - but how?  Sure, I could give something away or have a big sale, but that didn't feel quite right.  You see, I wanted to do something that really highlighted who we are as quilters.  You know the feelings that we have when we sit down at a sewing machine and the magic happens. Whether that magic is creating something for a newly anticipated member of the family or easing the grief of losing a dear friend.

    Then it hit me - we need to have a Quilter Appreciation Day! As the synapses of my brain kept firing, I though of my dear friend David Brantley. David is a quilter that was once given just 6 months to live - that was 30 years ago! He has used his love of sewing and quilting to carry him through the ups and the down of a chronic illness and will be here on Saturday to share his story with you at 11:00 a.m.

    Not only do I appreciate David for who he is, but he has quietly (until this post- lol) donated 4400 pillowcases to our local ConnKerr Cancer organization for distribution to those suffering in our community. He also makes quilts for those suffering with illness. Best of all, he has recently  written a fabulous book that he will share with you. David is an amazing person and you simply have to meet him!

    Join me in celebrating David and quilters everywhere this Saturday at 11:00 a.m.!







    4 thoughts on “Best of the Triangle Celebration - (a.k.a.) Quilter Appreciation Day”

    • Jane Ramey

      So nice of you to celebrate my birthday (July 18) and I look forward to ordering some birthday presents for myself!

    • Sally

      Sounds like a wonderful party! Wish I could be there but I am just too far away. I'm glad David is able to keep quilting and is spreading the love. He sounds like an amazing person!

    • Joyce

      I really enjoy reading everything you've written. I think, "I know this is an ad, but it's really cute." I can tell you're into "fun". Wish I lived near your shop - I'd be there in a minute!
      Congratulations on your win.

    • Marilyn

      I will be missing the fabulous party, I am also too far away, however, this is my must visit place when in Raleigh. You have a wonderful shop, no wonder it is number one.

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