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    • Stuff My Stocking - Day 3

      Let's talk scissors today. Let's face it, everyone needs scissors. Everyone on your Christmas list! They may not ask for a pair of scissors, but they will love getting them!

      I remember years ago a friend of mine gave me a pair of scissors when we attended a sewing class together. I still have them and think of her and that day every time I use them! Thanks Anna!

      So our deal today includes something for everyone on your list. The non-sewer will love the soft grip scissors. The sewer will love the decorator scissors and the snips. The machine embroiderer absolutely needs the hoopscissors for their machine applique. Best of all, they will think of you every time they use their new pair of scissors. A win-win!

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    • Stuff My Stocking -Day 2

      Have you ever struggled with changing the blade on your rotary cutter? Treat yourself to today's deal. The Olfa Quick Change Rotary Cutter is so simple, you just click the blade off and click a new one back on - no need to keep track of nuts and bolts! This cutter makes it easy to keep a sharp blade in your cutter which help you make better cuts. We all know that better cuts, make better quilts!

      Speaking of blades, how often do you change your rotary blade? I change mine after cutting out every big project. Why? I have found that when my blade is rolling smooth through the fabric, I have far fewer cutting errors. I save and use my old blades for paper piecing.

      To add today's deal to your stocking, click here. 

      See you tomorrow with another great deal!

    • 12 Days of Christmas -Starts Today!

      It's been awhile since I've posted on our blog. I'd like to get back into posting and thought that today would be a good day!

      Wouldn't you love to get a stocking full of all of your favorite sewing things? Me too! I've figured out over the years that in order to make that happen, I will fill it myself! I'm totally worth it and you are too!  To join the fun, check out our website every day for the next 12 days. Or, better yet, visit our website and sign up for our newsletter. The information will be delivered to your inbox at 6:00 a.m and you will be the first to know of the deal!

      I made this fun video today to share today's deal - click the link and check it out!

      Hear more about the 12 Days of Christmas at Wish Upon A Quilt

    • Best of the Triangle Celebration - (a.k.a.) Quilter Appreciation Day

      best of triangle.001When the people from IndyWeek called and said that Wish Upon A Quilt was the winner of the "Best of the Triangle 2015" award for fabric shops this year, it made my day! As many of you know, I have always wanted Wish to be a place of respite from the outside stresses of life, a place where you come to visit friends, leave your cares for awhile,  and of course, pet pretty fabric!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dream become a reality!
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    • Reclaimed West Blog Tour


      Welcome to day 3 of The Reclaimed West blog tour - I'm Cathy McKillip, the owner of Wish Upon A Quilt in Raleigh, NC. I'm so happy you stopped by and I hope that you win some great prizes! We are providing you with another chance to win! Leave a comment on our blog post and we will randomly select a winner for a Reclaimed West Charm Pack at the end of the tour.
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    • Wish Upon A Quilt Website Tips


      I'm so excited to share our new website with you! Here are a few tips that will help you navigate around our site and find what you are looking for. Click on the video for a tour!

    • Owning a Quilt Shop - a love story

      A question I get asked all the time is - "Why do you own a quilt shop?" Good question! It was and is the most unlikely series of events that has turned into a dream come true.

      My love of sewing goes way back to when I was 12 years old. I lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and decided that I wanted to learn how to sew . My Mom had a sewing machine and made me some clothes growing up, but her full time job kept her from having much time for sewing. Luckily, there was a sewing store that would let a 12 year old sign up for sewing classes! So I took 2 city buses each day across town and learned to sew (this was Iowa in the 70s where a 12 year old could ride a bus alone). I made clothes for me and other people and loved it - then it kind of became uncool at my school - so I stopped sewing....for 15 years - ack!
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    • Siobhan's First Quilt!

      Siobhan created this fabulous quilt in our Beginning Quilting Class. Love her choice of bright fabrics. Great job Siobhan!

      First Time Quilter

    • Bonnie's First Quilt

      Bonnie made this great Yellow Brick Road quilt in our Beginning Quilting Class. She made it for her grandson...isn't it great?

    • Karin's First Quilt

      Karin created this beautiful quilt in our Beginning Quilting class several months ago. The pattern is the same one I used for my first quilt - Yellow Brick Road. I love the colors Karin chose, don't you? Karin has the quilting bug now and has created more quilts! Way to go Karin!

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