• Viewer's Choice Contest - 3's A Charm

      Help us pick a winner in our first quilt challenge! Look at these great quilts that our customers made from their 3's a Charm quilt challenge packs. Leave a comment voting for your favorite. The winners will receive gift certificates to the store. We will also draw for a $10.00 gift certificate from all of the you can win too! Continue reading

    • Spring Cleaning Challenge 7

      Way to go! Your space should be looking inviting now. You've done a good job hanging in. You'll have a cool retreat during the hot summer months when we finish.

      Today's challenge is to assess your cutting station-are there piles that need sorting and moving? Is the mat in good condition? Does your rotary blade need replacing? Is it the right height? Are your rulers in good condition or do any need replacing? Are they stored properly? Continue reading

    • Spring Cleaning Challenge 6

      Box and label your ongoing projects.


      Today's challenge is to gather your on going projects. Pick the three you want to work on now. Put them in your working basket. Sort the others and place them in shirt boxes/pizza boxes, or some other project bag/box , label them and place them on a shelf. (Do not use last night's pizza box! Ask your favorite pizza place for clean, unused boxes. Most will be happy to give you a few. Me, I wasn't bold enough to ask but have found tons of shirt boxes in my wrapping closet and restocked after Christmas.) Boxing your projects will help you find them when you are ready to revisit them and you'll have all the materials needed. You are also less likely to use a required component on another project because you forgot what you bought it for. Continue reading

    • Spring Cleaning Challenge 5

      Today's challenge is to assess your pressing station- Is it the right height? Does your cover need replacing? Do you need more starch or sizing? Check the sole plate of your iron, do you need an iron cleaner? Does the board need to be unburied from towering projects? Continue reading

    • Spring Cleaning Challenge 4

      My scrap pile is overunning my sewing room.


      Gather up your fabric scraps. Come up with a plan to make the mountain go away and start to sort according to your plan. Your plan could be to strip it all into 2.5 inch strips, 4.5 inch strips, and 5 inch charm squares. Or you can decide you will never make a scrap quilt in your life and pass the scraps on to a friend who will. Continue reading

    • Spring Cleaning Challenge 3

      Lets focus on thread. Gather your thread and bobbins together. Wind up the loose tails. Sort according to type, purpose, and color. I like the Slimline boxes or matchbox storage containers for storing my spools. Baskets look nice with spools in them too. I like the Bobbin Saver and Bobbin Tree for storing my bobbins, they stay neatly wrapped when coral-ed. Continue reading

    • Spring Cleaning Challenge 2

      The second challenge is a fun one. Take a moment to clear your sewing table of everything but your sewing machine. Think about what you really need at hand when you are sitting and sewing. (Usually it's pins, needles, thread nips, pin cushion, and seam ripper.) Go gather those things from the far regions of your sewing area, or home, and bring them back to your sewing table. Find a fun pencil cup or glass and pincushion while you're gathering. Set your collection of tools up in a pleasing manner with in arms reach of your sewing station. Continue reading

    • Spring Cleaning Sewing Room Challenge

      It's that season where we want to run out side and play and we feel an urge to change things up in our indoor spaces after being cooped up all winter.

      So in the spirit of spring cleaning we'd like to offer you a series of challenges designed to clean your sewing space up and increase your enjoyment. Continue reading

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