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    • What goes in a Quilt Label?

      We were discussing quilt labels in the shop the other day. Almost everyone of my quilts have had a label attached to them and they have caught people's attention. Labels are a way for me to communicate to the reciepient of a quilt and record important information of interest for posterity. I think about what I want to put in my label as I'm piecing my quilt. I create the label when I make the quilt back. Sometimes I piece it into the back and other times I applique it on. I like to have my label on the back before I quilt the project because I don't want it to be easily removed. A label is a way of claiming "authorship" of a quilt. Continue reading

    • Borders, Bindings, Finishes - so much fun!

      Prarie point trimmed pillowcase


      Once you have a quilt top pieced the fun isn't over. There are a lot of creative options that you can do to jazz your quilt up and "bring it up a notch". There are pieced borders, mitered borders, applique borders, flange borders, and piped borders. You can have straight edges, scalloped edges, notched edges, curved edges. You can throw prarie points, piping, and flange in at any point in the mix. Today we'll look at prairie points.They can be added to blocks, borders or edges of a quilt. They add a fun three dimensional twist and can be a sneaky way to match points in a block. Just think about a pinwheel or flying geese block made with a prairie point instead of a pieced triangle. Let me back up for those who don't know what a praire point is. A prairie point is a triangle folded from a square. They can be stitched together in a line to make a sweet edge for a quilt or added to quilt blocks and borders for three dimensional pizazz. Continue reading

    • Pillowcases for the Women's Healing Place

      Calling all sewers and quilters! Use some of your stash fabric to participate in American Patchwork and Quilting's Make a Million Pillowcase challenge.

      We are making and collecting pillowcases for The Women's Healing Place of Wake County. Our goal is to provide around 100 pillowcases each month to the Healing Place so that each participant has something to call their very own and will know that someone cares for them when they leave the Healing Place. We have collected about 50 so far in January thanks to our great customers. Continue reading

    • Laminated Fabric, love it but what do I do with it?

      What to do with laminated fabrics? That was a question that kept floating around the store last Saturday every time someone noticed the new Amy Butler laminated fabrics. They are gorgeous.
      Continue reading

    • Baby Projects

      My brother and sister-in-law just had a new baby this month. I don't know why I've waited this long to work on a baby quilt. I had nine months but they just flew by. My niece had to be born to throw me into high gear making a baby quilt. I love making quick and easy baby quilts. This project only took me a weekend but it came out adorable. I used a Tina Givens Fairy Tip Toes panel and a minky like fleece for the back. I try to use minky on baby quilts as a ploy to make it the baby's favorite. Many young children are attracted to the tactile softness of the fabric. Continue reading

    • Earth Day - April 22

      Pillow case kits available at Wish. Yummy fabric choices.
      Pillow case kits available at Wish. Yummy fabric choices and a great way to "gift green".

      It's appropriate that Earth Day is in April when spring and Easter remind us of renewal , reincarnation, and rebirth. More and more quilters and sewers are turning their creative minds to how they can reuse and recycle. I am seeing more projects with selvages, scraps, grocery tote bags, fabric gift wrapping, and found objects being re-purposed. I am noticing more designers becoming "greener" by printing their patterns on recycled paper. I'm also seeing greener products like Dream Green batting and Kyoto Bamboo batting. Continue reading

    • Bloggers Quilt Festival

      I am happy to be a sponsor of the first ever Bloggers Quilt Festival! This online quilt festival is open to everyone and has some great prizes, including gift certificates to Wish Upon A Quilt, so make sure you enter! Quilt Dad, John, found this great festival so be sure to visit his blog to see his great virtual quilt! Continue reading

    • Precut Fabric Ideas

      Precuts are getting more and more attention as those pretty Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Charm Packs, Sweet Boxes and Honeybuns catch our eyes. Wish recently received new orders of Bali Pops, Neptune, and Fresh pre-cuts. Most quilters recognize the convenience of the pre-cuts but some wonder what to do with them. So we are all searching for the great patterns that are labeled for those beautiful Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, and Layer Cakes. Moda has several "cheat sheets" that can show you some common ways to cut Layer Cakes and Charm Packs. They also are very good about offering free quilt patterns for their various fabric lines. Don't feel like you have to be limited to that fabric line. There is nothing to say that you can't use a different line. Continue reading

    • What has Mom been up to?

      Many of our customers have been commenting that they have not seen my Mom (Jan Vincent) in the shop in awhile. The reason is that she has been busy making shop samples! Here she is with her latest creation using Emily Cier's pattern of Carolina Patchworks and the Brown Bear and Very Hungry Caterpillar collections. We usually give the shop samples that she makes to charity, but I LOVE this one so much, I might have to keep it. Or, maybe I can convince her to make one for me! I could make my own with this kit, but I haven't had much time to sew lately. Continue reading

    • Have Scraps? Make a Selvedge Quilt

      Ever wonder what to do with all those itsy bitsy pieces of fabric you have left? If you are like most of us, you hate to throw away any fabric. Elena McDowell, a Wish Upon A Quilt customer and selvedge quilter, has an answer with these cute selvedge quilts. They are irresistible! To check out the most dedicated of selvedge quilters, The Selvage Quilt blog is here. Don't have selvedges, but love these quilts? No problem, Moda has the answer with their scrap bags of coordinated fabrics. We will have more in the store later this month and we will be creating our own Wish Upon A Quilt scrap bags in the near future. Have you found other creative ways to use that last little piece of fabric? Please share!

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