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    • The Joy is in the Tools You Use!

      Handmade Seam Rippers


      I find that some of the mundane tasks of quilt finishing are so much more enjoyable with fun tools. Seam ripping, or unsewing, is so much easier with a sharp seam ripper and a pretty one! Cathy has some fabulous seam rippers that have beautifully carved wooden handles. When the seam ripper's blade gets dull you can take it out and replace it with another. The handle makes it so much easier to hold the standard sized ripper, and to find in your sewing kit. Continue reading

    • Wish's Christmas Event was fun!

      I stopped by Wish last Saturday during the special Christmas event. It was lots of fun. There were yummy treats to eat, raffles, lots of pretty new quilts hanging, and lots of fabric bolts flying! Thanks to all of our great customers for making it such a special event and thanks to the staff for being such good sports and adding to the fun! (here's a blog tip- if you click on the pictures in the gallery you will be taken to a larger view with the detailed description/caption. You can cycle through the whole gallery this way. It's a great way to see up close and get more information about the project or picture - try it!) :)

      Don't forget to vote in our viewer's choice contest...we will be drawing a winner from all of the comments on Monday, July 20th. Have you started any Christmas projects yet?

    • Amy Butler softwares and great contest!

      Ok, I really should be posting fabric to the shop tonight, but I was so excited after I saw Amy Butler's newest product Softwares that I had to tell you about it.

      This is Amy's first collection of sewing projects on a CD! Amy partnered with Electric Quilt to make this amazing new tool with 22 unique and stylish projects for quilts, pillows, bags and more – plus 9 bonus projects! You can make the projects as designed by Amy– or customize them in thousands of possible ways using the software's tools and virtual swatches of Amy's fabrics. Continue reading

    • Book Review - Piecing the Piece O' Cake Way

      Piecing the Piece O' Cake Way


      I love books. I find the collection in Wish Upon A Quilt difficult to stay away from. I like leafing through to see what the projects look like, what techniques are being demonstated, etc. Recently, I was leafing through Piecing the Piece O' Cake Way by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. This book would be great for a beginner quilter or someone wanting to go back and refresh themselves on the basics. The quilts pictured are cheery and colorful. Every page of the 127 page book is packed with pictures demonstrating techniques and projects. I was impressed with the discussion on color and contrast at the beginning of the book. Continue reading

    • Scarf Tying

      New scarves at Wish


      I'm a collector by nature. I collect pottery, hats, fabric, fountain pens, stationary, and scarves. Just to name a few. :) Continue reading

    • Kyoto batting

      I whizzed into Wish the other day to pick up some materials for the ornament idea mentioned in the handmade holiday post. I figured I ought to try it out and show you what I was thinking of. While I was there I saw that Cathy had a whole roll of the Kyoto batting. Continue reading

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