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    • May Sew Sweet Shoppe, Berries and Cream

      May’s Sew Sweet Shoppe Scrap pattern is scrumptious in it’s simplicity. It is a beginner level pattern. By signing up for Sew Sweet Shoppe, you will receive the FREE pattern, recipe and access to our online demonstration with bonus instructor notes. I’m really excited to share the instructors notes with you because we are focusing on how to scale block patterns to fit the scraps you have. Having this technique in your quilter’s toolbox really broadens the possibilities. It’s efficient use of patterns as well as scraps! :) ...

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    • Protected: April's Sew Sweet Shoppe - Coffee Cake


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    • Sew Sweet Shoppe Menu

      You asked for it so here it is. The menu for the Sew Sweet Shoppe Scrap Club. Check out the delicous quilts we have planned for the club. Each month you will recieve a pattern for the scrap friendly quilt and a recipe. There will be a demonstration of how to assemble the block. Wendy will also provide fun tips and additons to the pattern. Continue reading

    • Sew Sweet Shop was sew much fun!

      First quilt in the Sew Sweet Shop Scrap Club series


      We kicked off the Sew Sweet Shop Scrap Club last week. It was a great success. The cherry pie Cathy made was delicous. The sample quilt is now hanging in the shop. Come on in and check it out. Continue reading

    • Sew Sweet Shoppe Scrap Menu

      I'm very excited about the new Sew Sweet Shoppe Scrap program that Cathy has published. This is a brand new scrap program that was introduced at the fall Quilt Market. I love scrap quilts. Scrap quilts just sort of found me. I couldn't afford to buy all the fabric I wanted but I was usually happy with just a fat quarter of it, especially if I didn't have a specific project in mind for it. So a typical scenario at the quilt shop would be I went to buy fabric for a specific project and I'd fall in love with a new fabric that didn't fit that project at all. So I'd grab a fat quarter and sneak it home. It was the fat quarters sitting off to the side that would inspire the next projects. (And encourage me to finish the one that was in progress.) The thing was that when I started planning the next project I'd realize that a fat quarter wouldn't do. I needed more. Sound familiar? I became a fan of scrap quilts because they allowed me to use the fabrics I loved with out the agony or worry over how much to get. I don't have to worry if I'll have enough for a project because I can just use it as an excuse to go get more lovely fabric. And there are so many lovely fabrics calling to me - scrap quilts are definitely the solution.

      But it's not just the need to use up fat quarter and half yard cuts that make scrap quilts appealing. I often get to reuse fabrics left over from other projects like my brother's wedding quilt, a friends baby quilt, a baby quilt for my own children, a purse, or tote project. Those scraps have sweet memories and are still a joy to handle and use. Scrap quilts can also be a journal of sorts of all the quilts I've made and given away.

      Scrap quilts often have a deep richness of pattern and design because it's the piecers use of value and color that is noticed not the fabric designers art. All of those pretty pieces of fabric come together to make a beautiful new whole. Whenever I find myself thinking a piece of fabric is too pretty to cut I just remind myself the joy it will bring me when I find it again in my scrap bin.

      I also have a sweet tooth and love bakeries and baking. The sweet shop theme of the program just tickles me pink. (Which happens to be the colorway of the first quilt.) The first session of the Sew Sweet Shoppe is Thursday, Feb 12 at 6pm. The second session will be Saturday, Feb. 14 at 8:30am. Both sessions will be the same. There will be a $15 charge to reserve a slot, and you will receive a free quilt pattern, a demonstration of the how to construct the quilt presented, a yummy treat and recipe to take home! I will also give tips on how to adjust the pattern to accommodate jelly roll strips, charm squares, and/or layer cakes.

      If you would like to exchange scraps please bring precut strips of 3 1/2 inch width or 2 1/2 inch width, 5 inch charm squares, or fat quarters. We will trade like for like. Looking forward to seeing you on the 12th! What will your scrap quilt look like?

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