• What to do with Laminate?

      Do you ever look at laminate fabrics and wonder - what the heck do I do with that? We had a recent visitor who modeled this great raincoat made from laminated fabric. Isn't she adorable?

    • Quilts of Valor - needs our help!

      Remember the quilt that our customers helped us make for The Quilts of Valor back in February? Well, at the recent Sewing Expo, the Women of Valor presented me with a certificate thanking us for our hard work! I accepted on behalf of all of our fabulous customers and will get the certificate framed to hang in the store. Continue reading

    • Customer Quilt Show - Verna

      Verna recently brought in this great quilt...Cindy helped her select the border. Isn't it stunning? Thanks for sharing, Verna.

    • Holiday Houses - July kits are ready

      Celebrate the 4th of July with this great Holiday House Kit! All of the months of the year are available and so much fun!

    • Customer Quilt Show - Jan

      We had such fun with Jan today. She shared this fantastic quilt that she made for her niece's upcoming wedding. I just love her choice of fabrics, don't you? Thanks for sharing Jan!

    • Back to Basics - 1/4 " Seam

      I love teaching beginning quilters and one of the first struggles is with sewing 1/4" seam. As I was cruising the internet, I came across this quick video on the 1/4" seam. The Perfect Piecing Seam guide is invaluable in finding the 1/4" on your machine. Every machine is different and is it important to know where the 1/4" is on all of your sewing machines. Do you know exactly where your 1/4" is? If not, find it today and you will find that your piecing will be much more accurate. Accurate piecing makes great quilts! Continue reading

    • June Building Blocks are ready!

      Wow - can yos believe we are 1/2 way through the year with our Building Blocks? I love seeing the wonderful fabric placements you are making and can't wait to see all of the unique quilts that will be created by this fun program. Nancy and Mame made our sample blocks this month ....love their choices too! Continue reading

    • The Bag-ettes - Bailey Island Hobo

      The Bag-ettes are having so much fun! Look at these fabulous Bailey Island Hobo bags. Tip-use a size 90 needle to help with the thickness when sewing the tubes together and make the casing 1/2" larger than the pattern to make threading the handles through easier. The great thing about these bags is that you use batting scraps and 2 1/2" strips! Huge stash buster - woo hoo! Continue reading

    • Customer Quilt Show- Cordulla

      Cordulla brought us this fabulous quilt. It is always nice to see her smiling face even though she was hiding for this picture!

    • Customer Quilt Show - Kathy


      Kathy showed us this fun baby quilt - great job Kathy!

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