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    • Furoshiki- Cloth Gift Wrapping

      Cloth gift wrap


      This holiday season I tried to use Furoshiki gift wrapping instead of the conventional paper. Furoshiki is a Japanese tradition of gift wrapping with cloth. Part of this new resolution comes from trying to be more eco friendly. Cloth holds up better than paper and can be reused more; either as gift wrap again, as a scarf, napkin, table cloth (all depends on size), or cut up into a project. :) I have so much fabric calling to me just asking to be used for something and this practice assuages that call. Not to mention it makes beautiful gifts! Another reason is that if I buy the fabric for wrapping a gift it gets calculated as part of the gift cost - not my blow money. But if some of the scraps from trimming the cloth wrapping end up in my stash - that's a bonus ;). And if the gift reciever is in my family - the cloth could end up in my stash-for storage purposes. So be sure to choose cloth that suits the gift recepient and your stash. ;) Continue reading

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