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V Block Ruler
Quilter's Magic Wand
Wing Clipper I
Tucker Trimmer I
Star Crossed Love Pattern
Filigree Pattern
Smooth Sailing PatternSmooth Sailing Pattern
Smooth Jazz PatternSmooth Jazz Pattern
Blazing Lemoyne Stars Technique Sheet
Banded Lemoyne Star Technique Sheet
Large Square Squared Ruler
Split Rects
Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star
Corner Beam Ruler
Square Squared Ruler
Stacked Squares Technique Sheet
Shaded Four Patch Technique Sheet
Lemoynes as Triangles Technique Sheet
Birds of Paradise Technique Sheet
Quad 60 Technique SheetQuad 60 Technique Sheet
Capped 60 Technique SheetCapped 60 Technique Sheet
Non Mirror Combo Units Technique Sheet
Wedge Star
Studio 180 Design Wedge StarSKU: UDT18
Strip Pieced Lemoyne Stars Technique Sheet

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