KingStar Metallic Thread - Holiday Quartet Dime

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The KingStar Holiday Metallic Quartet set has the four classic colors of the holiday gold, silver, green, and red.

These metallics add a special touch to make holiday creations even more festive. Use KingStar as any other high-quality embroidery thread. No need for a special needle or slower running speeds.

Thread in the KinStar Metallic Holiday Quarter are colorfast and will not fade on your garment KingStar metallic embroidery threads have a polyester core and are wrapped in rice paper with a metallic finish.

The high-quality thread doesn’t "kink" up as it unwinds from the spool and runs smoothly through the thread pre-tensioners, allowing fewer thread breaks and higher-quality embroidery.

 Includes MA-3 Green, MA-4 Red, MG-1 Gold 2 MS-1 Silver 4 spools of 1000m each

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