Sewing Revolution 5/7 Circle Ruler

Wish Upon A Quilt NCSKU: sr_fiveseven



The Sewing Revolution 5/7 is a 13 inch circular ruler made of a clear durable material. Circles graduate out at ¼" intervals from a central hole. The Circle is divided by yellow lines into 5 equal segments and by blue lines into 7 equal segments. Repositioning marks enable further division of the circle into 10 or 14. At each intersection of lines and circles there is a small hole for marking through the ruler with a fine tip marker or Quilters Pencil. The Sewing Revolution 5/7 is a multi purpose tool and can be used for many different functions including: Finding the central pivot point for arcs and circles, good for circular sewing or quilting designs Draw pentagons (5 sided figure) and heptagons (7 sided figure). Perfect placement of 5, 7, 10 or 14 machine embroidery designs or appliqué. Easily draw 5 and 7 point stars. Use the edge to draw curved quilting lines.

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