Star 60 Series-Month 2



The Star 60 tool is the latest in the Rapid Fire series from Studio 180 Design. Join Diana, a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, as she takes you through the basics and beyond. She will show you how to make oversized units and blocks and trim them down to the exact size needed to be put into quilts. She will guide you through all of the Technique Sheets available for the tool and each month you will be able to complete a project. There will be everything from the basics all the way to stunning 3D designs that use fabric color and value for stunning results. The classes will take place live over Zoom. You will need to have a computer, tablet, or phone to attend. Month 2: Framed 60 and Striped 60 In month two dive into the Framed 60 and Striped 60 Technique Sheets. Learn how to put bands of color around basic units to make gorgeous stars with lots of pizazz. Also learn how to make striped blocks that look like a pinwheel. You will combine these two techniques to make a wall hanging. Dates: November 10 Times: 1pm-4pm EST Skill level: Intermediate Instructor: Diana Mann Cost: $49 Required Tool: Star 60

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