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Children's Perfect Placement Kit
DIME Target Stickers
DIME DIME Target StickersSKU: TSP0100
Dressed to Impress 2.0GB USB Flash Drive
Embroiderer's  HelperEmbroiderer's  Helper
DIME Embroiderer's HelperSKU: EH0001
Embroiderer's Big HelperEmbroiderer's Big Helper
DIME Embroiderer's Big HelperSKU: EH0004
Embroiderer's Lil HelperEmbroiderer's Lil Helper
DIME Embroiderer's Lil HelperSKU: EH0002
Save $14
Handbags 2- Designer Knockoffs
DIME Handbags 2- Designer KnockoffsSKU: BK00217
$35.99 $49.99
Hoop Mat
DIME Hoop MatSKU: HoopMat
KingStar Metallic Thread - MA3 Green
KingStar Metallic Thread - MA5 Dark BlueKingStar Metallic Thread - MA5 Dark Blue
KingStar Metallic Thread - MS1 Silver
Perfect Placement Kit
DIME Perfect Placement KitSKU: PPK0010
Piece & Stitch Stab 15"x10yd
Save $5
Snap Clutch Frame
DIME Snap Clutch FrameSKU: PC001
$4.99 $9.99
Thread Stand with Metal Base

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