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We host classes in person and online ZOOM classes from beginner to advanced level. Explore our class offerings today!

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My Favorite Quilt Shop

Shared your page, love all the choices!! Back home in FL, brought my sister for a visit so this month we’ll be at my house for our class with Diana I may be 2 states away, but you’re still my favorite shop! - Machelle S.

Friendly & Helpful EVERY time

The owners (Frank & Laurie) & the staff are very friendly & helpful EVERY time I go there. They have a fantastic customer service & a wide variety of fabric & classes (in person & Zoom) plus a great online presence. It's my "go to" fabric store in the Triangle! Terri A.

Thread of the Month

I love all the colors and they are coming to me at home. Thanks for the monthly surprise! It's like Christmas every month. Marleen M.


"The friends and connections we make through the shop are so wonderful. I just got to meet Leigh's cute little Betsy. Thanks Laurie and Frank for facilitating this community!" – Diana M.

Full Service Quilt Store

"I order my groceries from Wholefoods who delivers. I rather go to Wish to get my yummy fabric." – Gloria R.

Customer Service - Friendly Staff

"Where else could you possibly go to get to know people who treat you as special as everyone at Wish Upon a Quilt? Diana is teaching the Hunters Star class because I want to do it, ( actually have been a bit of a nag I’ve asked so many times.)  Costa is going to work with me on a bag I want to make, even with everything else he’s got going on.  Chris called me yesterday to say a pattern I asked them to order for me was in, less than a week after I requested it. Judy and everyone else greets me by name and all are so helpful. And, of course, Laurie and Frank are one of a kind, they make me feel like family, not just a customer. Thank you all for giving me a reason to get up in the morning, love you all." – Dottie F.